Book Critic #1

     1. Title :  The Phantom Tollbooth

     2. Genre : Fantasy

     3.  Published In :  1961

     4. Written By :  Norton Juster 

     5. Rate : I rated this novel 3 stars because it was really complicated for me to understand some words or some parts of the story. But I still enjoyed reading The Phantom Tollbooth.


     Milo is a very lazy lonely boy who never likes anything. He is confused all the time, when he is somewhere he does not know why he is there. As Milo goes back home from his school he discovers a very interesting and a very curious large box. When Milo has opened this box he gets a certain vehicle. This time he appreciated what he got. Then he soon found a map with the vehicle and picks randomly where to go. So now, each place in the map he goes he has a certain mission to do. But will Milo complete his mission or fail and ruin everything?

7. Questions for the Author : I would ask the author how did he thought about this story to write as a book?

Did he put some of his imaginations, connections, or even some of his life time stories?

8. My Connection for the Novel : Milo in Phantom Tollbooth and Phillip in The Cay are both successful for their plan and help and some friends and somehow change their life too.


~ by Joyz on November 8, 2010.

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