Book Critic #2

          1. Title = Julie of the Wolves

          2. Genre = Realistic Fiction

          3. Author = Jean Craighead George

          4. Copyright = 1972

          5. Rate =

 I rated this book four stars because I love this book so much and it makes sense a lot to me. But most of the time I have to stop and look at the dictionary for the words I dont know.

6. Short Summary about the Book

          Julie is a girl that got lost in the tundra because she has ran away, from his husband,  and his father never came back. This book talks about three different characters in the book that tells about their pasts and what has happened to them. As Julie goes on her journey she meets animals as her family or friends. Julie learns new things like hunting and being like a wolf for survival skills. Finally, as this reaches to the end and saw her father with someone else and her wolf friend died, and it is so hard for her to choose wether to be like her dad now modern or stay as gussak.

7. Question to the author = Why did the author broke the story into three from what happened then the past ?

8. Connections = This book is simlar with The Cay because at the begging Julie and Philip both gets lost somewhere.


~ by Joyz on January 16, 2011.

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