Book Critic: #3

      1. Title: The Cay

      2. Genre: Historical fiction

      3. Author: Theodore Taylor

      4. Copyright: 1969

       5. Rate: I rated the book The Cay four stars because I thought at first the book was very had and boring but I finally found out that it was very interesting and it was really fun to read and I realized what a great story it was.

      6. Short summary of the book:

       The book is about a boy named Philip whom have lost his mother and has been sent by his father to a faraway place because of a war. As he loses his mother from a boat accident he finds himself with another person. He has helped Philip all the way on his life trying to be found on a small island where noone lives in. Then, Philip gets blind and cannot see. Finally, what will happen when a big strom is going to come?

     7. Question for the author: When Philip’s friend died how would he know if he really heard an airplane coming by and not just somehting else?

     8. Connections: This reminds me of the story that my dad had told me about a Mother loosing his child and the child has to survive with a dog.


~ by Joyz on May 19, 2011.

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