Book Critic: #4

1. Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Lightining Thief

2. Author: Rick Riordan

3. Genre: Non-fiction

4. Copyright: 2005

5. Rate: I rated it five stars because this book is really fun and very enjoying to read and the best book I have every read so far!

6. Short paragraph about the story:

This story is about a boy named pecy the son of a Posidon the water god. He has lost his mother from an evil man. Now he is facing some challenges to get three pearls to get his mom back. He has been also told that he is the one who stole the lightning. Now what will happen to Percy will he save his mom or is he the lightning thief.

7. Question for the author:

How did the lightning theif connect to saving his mom?

8. Connection: This reminds me of a movie that I have forgotten the title but it was about a little girl who was trying to save his mom from danger.


~ by Joyz on May 19, 2011.

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