Book Critic: #5

1. Title: Call it Courage

2. Author: Armstrong Sperry

3. Genre: Mystery

4. Copyright: 1940

5. Rate: I rated it four stars because It was kind of complecated at first I did not know the stroy because I did not get it at all but finally when I re-read the book it was pretty good.

6. Short paragraphy about the book:

There was a boy whom was afraid of the water because his mother’s life has been taken away and almost his life too. His father is very disapointed becasue boys were suppose to do fishing in the sea but then he had to do girls jobs because he was afraid. Then he has went on a journey to go away from his family and friends so he could stay away from the people who has been teasing him. Will he survive on the journey or be taken away by the sea too?

7. Question for the author: Why did he have to go away and prove it on his journey that he is a stout heart when he could just overcome his fear at home.

8. Connection: This reminds me of me when I am afraid of spiders i dont go near it anywhere especially when its on my bed so then I sleep somewhere else and but, I still have not yet overcome my fear.


~ by Joyz on May 19, 2011.

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