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Hi, my name is Marian, I’m nine years old I’m  in a Philippina. We moved to Cleveland to live with my grandma. Then we got our own house in Cleveland. But then my mom had cancer and she died in one month. I was crying all day with my dad. Another sad thing is that we visited my grandma again and we told her about mom and than she had to go to the hospital because she got a heart attack when we told her about what happened to mom. Dad and I were hoping that she survived but she didn’t. Then, once we started walking home dad got so angry and said to me “I can’t live without your mother sweetie I just can’t”. Suddenly, he threw his hat on the floor and stomp his foot on the floor like an elephant walking , and just left me.

Now I am all alone, my dad has the key for our house so I cant go back. I was weeping for hours and hours, so I started running so fast I didn’t even know what direction I was going. Next, while I was running a person said “Hey little girl whats wrong”? But then at first I tought he was a bad guy, but mabye he was not so I stoped for a moment and went to him. He started asking me some questions so i answered him, I told about everything I been through. He said “Nice to meet you my name is Royce”. Then I said “Hi, my name is Marian”. So he hug me because he knew that I was felling bad. The next day, I met another girl watering three lima beans. I asked her “Why are you planting seeds here”. She said “I’m planting this seeds for my dad”. So then, I introduced myself and her name was Kim. After that, I was walking around the street and I saw a puppy that had a sprane so I pick the puppu up and help it. Then I said “Now your found”., then I took care of him all the time.

The next day, I asked if Kim had some yellow flower seeds and then she said yes so I ask if I could have some she said “Sure”.  so then I started planting yellow flower seeds shaping them into a circle. I watered it everyday. Then, i collected pebbles to decorate the flowers. When the seeds grew I put pebbles for eyes and hair to make a face of my mom and dad to remember them. Once I was done with my plants I always looked at it and cried because I just couldn’t stop crying I missed them so much and, I was also wishing for my dad to come back home. So I waited for three weeks but them I lost hope I knew he was not coming back he just loved mom so much. Lastly, I looked at my flowers and said “Bye mom and dad I love you so much”.


When I Came to Japan

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When I first came to Japan I thought it was a very wonderful place. So first, my family went to live in the Sheraton hotel and my parents did all the Japanese talking. Then, when we got out of the hotel we started school at CA my sister and I so, then at CA we have Japanese classes so my mom and dad thinks that I know Japanese more than them. Thirdly, when we started to go around shopping in mall and good stores I was so frustrated because my mom told me to talk to the woman. But when I had no idea what to say so, when we called the woman to help us I was so embarrassed and super shy, because I said things wrong. I also had this story when I went alone without my parents but with my new friends at school they went to ask me to talk to people and read sentences and talk in Japanese but, this time I could talk a little bit. But then, the sentences that I said did not make sense at all to the person so I was still embarrassed a lot of times talking in Japanese to Japanese people. I felt that I was losing hope and never wanted to go outside aging. But then suddenly, when I turned into a fifth grader at Ca I started to work extra hard in Japanese class and I got a little bit better. Then, when my family and I , or my friends and I go out to places I stared to talk in Japanese very quickly but, not that perfect so I still tried my best and it improved, so I did it ! Then, when I turned into a sixth grader, I was pretty good at talking, and writing in Japanese, I was really proud of myself from learning japans. Lastly, I was proud of myself again from learning a languet I have no idea how to talk so it felt really good!