Book Critic: #7

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1. Title: To Dance

2. Author: Siena Cherson Siegel

3. Genre: Graphic Novel

4. Copyright: 2006

5. Rate: I rated this book four stars because it was a really great book but not really that exiting.

6. Short summary about the book:

This is about a girl who was young her dream was to learn ballet. Her mom finds out she is flat footed and the doctor said dancing wont help. But her mom was very supportive and still let her to dance. As she aditions for a famous class dance and performance she was so nervous but she did her best. Was she going to get accepted or not?

7. Question for the author: Why did the doctor say if your flat footed dancing wont help?

8. Connection: This has reminded my when I wanted to learn ballet but i was not allowed to because I had too much things I wanted to do.


Book Critic: #6

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1. Title: The Cat in the Hat

2. Author: Dr. Suess

3. Genre: Poetry

4. Copyright:

5. Rate: I rated this five starts because this is the most fun poetry book i have ever read since I was a about five years old.

6. Short summary about the book:

This is about a boy and a girl whos mom has went outside on work and they were left home nothing to do because it was reading. Then the cat in the hat came and said they were going to have a lot of fun. Then he brought thing one and thing two the most adorable and fun playmates. But everything turned out with a big mess. Will they have enough time to clean the mess up before their mother comes.

7. Question for the author: Why did the cat in the hat planned to destroy or mess up their house?

8. Connection: This has reminded me when I read this book and it was my favorite Dr. Suess book.

Book Critic: #5

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1. Title: Call it Courage

2. Author: Armstrong Sperry

3. Genre: Mystery

4. Copyright: 1940

5. Rate: I rated it four stars because It was kind of complecated at first I did not know the stroy because I did not get it at all but finally when I re-read the book it was pretty good.

6. Short paragraphy about the book:

There was a boy whom was afraid of the water because his mother’s life has been taken away and almost his life too. His father is very disapointed becasue boys were suppose to do fishing in the sea but then he had to do girls jobs because he was afraid. Then he has went on a journey to go away from his family and friends so he could stay away from the people who has been teasing him. Will he survive on the journey or be taken away by the sea too?

7. Question for the author: Why did he have to go away and prove it on his journey that he is a stout heart when he could just overcome his fear at home.

8. Connection: This reminds me of me when I am afraid of spiders i dont go near it anywhere especially when its on my bed so then I sleep somewhere else and but, I still have not yet overcome my fear.

Book Critic: #4

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1. Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Lightining Thief

2. Author: Rick Riordan

3. Genre: Non-fiction

4. Copyright: 2005

5. Rate: I rated it five stars because this book is really fun and very enjoying to read and the best book I have every read so far!

6. Short paragraph about the story:

This story is about a boy named pecy the son of a Posidon the water god. He has lost his mother from an evil man. Now he is facing some challenges to get three pearls to get his mom back. He has been also told that he is the one who stole the lightning. Now what will happen to Percy will he save his mom or is he the lightning thief.

7. Question for the author:

How did the lightning theif connect to saving his mom?

8. Connection: This reminds me of a movie that I have forgotten the title but it was about a little girl who was trying to save his mom from danger.

Book Critic: #3

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      1. Title: The Cay

      2. Genre: Historical fiction

      3. Author: Theodore Taylor

      4. Copyright: 1969

       5. Rate: I rated the book The Cay four stars because I thought at first the book was very had and boring but I finally found out that it was very interesting and it was really fun to read and I realized what a great story it was.

      6. Short summary of the book:

       The book is about a boy named Philip whom have lost his mother and has been sent by his father to a faraway place because of a war. As he loses his mother from a boat accident he finds himself with another person. He has helped Philip all the way on his life trying to be found on a small island where noone lives in. Then, Philip gets blind and cannot see. Finally, what will happen when a big strom is going to come?

     7. Question for the author: When Philip’s friend died how would he know if he really heard an airplane coming by and not just somehting else?

     8. Connections: This reminds me of the story that my dad had told me about a Mother loosing his child and the child has to survive with a dog.

Book Critic #2

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          1. Title = Julie of the Wolves

          2. Genre = Realistic Fiction

          3. Author = Jean Craighead George

          4. Copyright = 1972

          5. Rate =

 I rated this book four stars because I love this book so much and it makes sense a lot to me. But most of the time I have to stop and look at the dictionary for the words I dont know.

6. Short Summary about the Book

          Julie is a girl that got lost in the tundra because she has ran away, from his husband,  and his father never came back. This book talks about three different characters in the book that tells about their pasts and what has happened to them. As Julie goes on her journey she meets animals as her family or friends. Julie learns new things like hunting and being like a wolf for survival skills. Finally, as this reaches to the end and saw her father with someone else and her wolf friend died, and it is so hard for her to choose wether to be like her dad now modern or stay as gussak.

7. Question to the author = Why did the author broke the story into three from what happened then the past ?

8. Connections = This book is simlar with The Cay because at the begging Julie and Philip both gets lost somewhere.

Book Critic #1

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     1. Title :  The Phantom Tollbooth

     2. Genre : Fantasy

     3.  Published In :  1961

     4. Written By :  Norton Juster 

     5. Rate : I rated this novel 3 stars because it was really complicated for me to understand some words or some parts of the story. But I still enjoyed reading The Phantom Tollbooth.


     Milo is a very lazy lonely boy who never likes anything. He is confused all the time, when he is somewhere he does not know why he is there. As Milo goes back home from his school he discovers a very interesting and a very curious large box. When Milo has opened this box he gets a certain vehicle. This time he appreciated what he got. Then he soon found a map with the vehicle and picks randomly where to go. So now, each place in the map he goes he has a certain mission to do. But will Milo complete his mission or fail and ruin everything?

7. Questions for the Author : I would ask the author how did he thought about this story to write as a book?

Did he put some of his imaginations, connections, or even some of his life time stories?

8. My Connection for the Novel : Milo in Phantom Tollbooth and Phillip in The Cay are both successful for their plan and help and some friends and somehow change their life too.